Holiday Cash Gift-Entry Rules Below

  Sign up for a FREE Gift Recipient Account at  Create an Event Invite Family and Friends. Invitation has a link to… Hint, Hint. Like Facebook/eMoneyGifts Page Post pictures and videos on eMoneyGifts Facebook Page Get your Facebook friends to Like them The highest # of Likes by December 31, 2016, Gets 1st prize […]

Color of Money

How much actual cash do you carry in your wallet?   The fact is that though cash is still king, most of us prefer to use other means to pay for goods and services. There are few exceptions, such as some toll booths, laundromats, etc. Electronic transaction is, by far, the preferred method of payment, […]

#Fall is in the Air

Hurray! It’s #November.   The #Holiday season is upon us, and it means cooler weather, leaves are changing to beautiful golden colors, first snow flakes, and family gathering for #Thanksgiving, #Hanukkah, and #Christmas.   This marks the beginning of a busy shopping season. Many retailers are looking forward to this season, and are hoping for […]

The #Gift #Card Choice

Is a Gift Card a good #birthday present?   It is an easy cop out. Requires almost minimal effort, and gets you, the gift giver, off the hook. You can get a gift card for practically any retailer chain in the country: Department, electronic, toys, babies, furniture, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. In fact, you can even […]

#Money #Gifts Don’t Grow on Trees

What gift should I give my #teenager son/daughter nephew/niece for their birthday?   It was easy when they were young. Get them an outfit of their favorite movie character, or a toy along the same theme, a card and you’re all set. All of a sudden they’re double digit, with an attitude, eye rolling, speaking […]

Schools Budget hortcoming

Balancing school’s checkbook   Whether your child goes to a  public or private school, the plea is the same: “We need your help to close the budget gap” followed by the various campaigns. Magazine Drive: Kids solicitation of family members, friends and neighbors to buy magazines, which they will never read… Supermarket Script: Kids knock […]